Welcome the Chaverim of Dallas, where we are dedicated and committed to all the emergency assistance (non-medical) needed in our community.

Mission Statement

Chaverim of Dallas mission is to assist anyone, wherever there is a non-medical need, in whatever way possible in a completely altruistic manner. Chaverim is here to help save both time and money while at the same time helping to maintain and create a safe, happy, stress free environment for all.

Our Story

Dallas chapter of Chaverim was founded in early 2020 by a few individuals who wanted to give to the community in a unique way.

In 2022 Chaverim plans to expand its services to provide generators for power outages, and we hope to add more services as well.

Our Volunteers

Chaverim’s team of over 20 trained volunteers is available 24 hours a day. Directed professionally by Chaverim’s dispatchers utilizing the most sophisticated dispatching system available, Chaverim is able to ensure that each call is handled in a timely, professional manner.


Call or Text (214) 814-0109